Conveyor lines can be found around production lines, goods-to-person automation, picking and packing stations, and order-to-consumer fulfillment.

Pick-it can find parts on moving or stand-still (cyclic moving) conveyor belts.

Pick-it can be setup to only pass on parts to the robot which are fully in view of the region of interest.

If multiple parts are in view, the robot gets a list of all the parts and their position on the conveyor belt.

Pick-it relies on robot conveyor tracking for moving conveyor belts but does not need any conveyor tracking if the conveyor belt is in stand-still operation (cyclic moving).

Pick and place (Conveyor)
Conveyor picking in varying light conditions

The Pick-it 3D camera system keeps working in the dark.

Picking sausages from buffer table with a Universal Robot

UR picking sausages from a buffer table. The sausages arrive from a conveyor belt onto a buffer table.