With Pick-it, you can automate your machine tending.

Pick-it allows for automated robotic machine loading, which increases productivity and frees skilled workers for doing value-added work, such as maintenance and quality control.

Thanks to the Pick-it your robot can now load the parts to the machine fully autonomous.

The biggest advantage of Pick-it is the added flexibility. Other machine loading systems require fixed positions on the buffer table and pre-defined part dimensions. 

Machine loading

Pick-it makes machine loading easy. The parts can be scattered on the buffer table, stacked in piles, or picked straight from the box.

No more need for pre-defined positions.

Machine loading two different parts with 1 robot

Pick-it loads 2 different parts (cylinders and blocks) onto a CNC machine.

Machine loading with 3D vision on a Universal Robot

The metal blocks can overlap randomly and even be stacked on top of each other.

UR stacks stamped sheet metal parts

UR stacks stamped sheet metal Daimler AG parts with our 3D vision camera.