Pick-it L-HD

On this page, you can find all information on the Pick-it M-HD camera.

What is Pick-it L-HD?

Pick-it M-HD is a 3D camera that is compatible with the  Pick-it 2.2 processor. It's called L-HD because it is a high definition camera with a field of view to detect medium-sized objects. The 3D camera is manufactured by Zivid AS in Norway. The camera produces a high-resolution point cloud to detect and pick smaller objects with higher accuracy compared to the existing Pick-it M camera.


Optimal Range

  • 1.2m ~ 2.6m

Maximum Range

  • 3.0m

Field of View

  • 2110 x 1360mm @ 3.0m

  • 850 x 530mm @ 1.2m

Spatial Resolution

  • 0.45mm @ 1.2m

  • 0.11mm @ 3.0m


  • 0.3mm @ 1.2m

  • 2.0mm @ 3.0m

Technical specifications

  • 3D measurement method
    Structured light

  • Image processing speed
    10 Hz (100ms snapshots)

  • 3D Camera repeatability
    < 1mm

  • 3D camera weight
    2 kg

  • 3D camera connection to PC
    M12-8 (USB) - USB3

  • PC connection to robot
    TCP/IP over Ethernet

  • Power supply
    M12-5 24VDC

  • Temperature
    10°C to 40°C

  • IP rating

  • Vibrations
    5G Sinus, 25G Shock

  • Conforms to
    CE, CB, EN6950, FCC class A

Camera power consumption

  • Booting: 35W

  • Idle: 16W

  • Detecting: 35W

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