Classic robots operate blind and are well suited for structured pre-defined environments. The parts to be handled have pre-definied positions and orientation.

However, tasks such as unloading a bin one part at a time into a machine, bulk parts sorting, and order fulfillment are usually non-structured. Parts are random, touching, different orientation and even overlapping in mixed bins.

This is the ‘holy grail of robotics’ where 3D camera vision systems can solve the challenge for the manufacturing and warehousing automation worlds.

Find random overlapping products

However, most 3D vision applications are complex and require vision consultants to program and set-up the application.

Now, Pick-it is the solution that makes 3D robot vision easy.

Pick-it finds overlapping products in a mixed random bin with no need for CAD models. With Pick-it it is now easy to define the product parameters you want to pick. Both shape and size or range can be defined without any vision programming skills.